Organizations Supporting Persons With Disabilities

The Macomb County Provider Alliance brings together organizations which operate residential, vocational, and related services programs for individuals with disabilities in Macomb County. The goal of the organization is to improve conditions as they relate to providing support to persons with disabilities, including advocacy, education for the public on issues and treatment of persons with disabilities, and enhancing the quality of the service delivery system.

All activities of the Macomb County Provider Alliance are built around the common interest of improving the business conditions for our membership organizations that provide support to persons with disabilities in Macomb County. Our leadership regularly attend Macomb County Community Mental Health Services (MCCMHS) and Macomb County Board of Commissioners Board Meetings, and have quarterly discussions concerning membership issues such as policy changes and budget and contract issues, with the MCCMHS Executive Director.

With the assistance of the Michigan Assisted Living Association, the Alliance keeps apprised of all current and pending legislation that affects the business conditions and quality of service delivery. Our intention is to keep our membership, parents, and consumers informed and to encourage participation in the legislative process. Make your voice heard!

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